Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Disappointed, disappointed, very disappointed.
Held back my tears for the whole of today.
English Paper 1 46/60
English Paper 2 42/80
Total: 67/100
Readers, try to be in my shoes.........
how do you feel if your grades drop from a A1
To a B3? To my horror, half of the class failed
the paper 2. Mine was barely a pass....
you know what? 67 was one of the top 5 in class.
Joke? definately not. Indeed, lousy Eileen.
Maths paper 1 43/80
Maths paper 2 53/60
Total 71/100
I knew thats gonna happen to my paper one.
guess what? you guys should know the compound
interest P(1+r/100%)n right? wait, hello? it's
even given on the paper. The question clearly
stated 2.25 %. Readers, you know what i keyed
in?!?! 2.2 instead of 2.25.
It's a mockery to myself, i swear.
Whats more... for the gradient i wrote there
y1-y2/x1-x2 guess what i wrote on the workings?
Instead of it being a (-) , i wrote (+)
Because of that dumb mistake of mine,
the rest of the 3 parts of the question, i got 0.
A Big Fat Zero.
All those that i knew i can do, i got it wrong
just because i'm careless, complacent & not focus.
Chemistry paper 1 not yet.
Chemistry Paper 2 27.5/30
Okay i'm contented with this..........
but still, 2 careless mistake and there goes my 2 mrks.
Chinese paper 1 30/70.
Joke. More than half failed chinese.
I did tried my best.... but why?
To think that N levels starts in less than 2 weeks
time. Yet you see what i'm scoring?
i'm useless. help.

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