Friday, August 22, 2008

Stupid faces in school.
Xinci :)
If you try to figure it out...
BABY! :)
Sotong and baby.

School's craze! Theres like still many more of my ugly
faces! Laughs. Anyw, these few days were hectic!
Papers and papers flooding in for us to do.
N levels is just one week away from nowwwwwww.
Oh my, this is scary! Nevermind, i shall belabor
on my combine humanities. I suck at that, thanks.
Who thinks that the education system
in Singapore is too tough?
( wow, i see many people raising their hands behind their computers!)
I wonder how singaporeans feels spending
more than 15 years studying... Doesn't sound
too nice uh? Getting a cert is a must in sg!
Even a girl like me who didnt really bother abt
studying in the past is starting to fantod.
Ok i think i've too many things to rant about.
Shall stop here.

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