Tuesday, August 05, 2008

East coast rollerblading. & alden, alvin

Hokay i swear i didnt put on any forms of makeup
on the first 2 peektures taken with baby k!
(except for the drawing of brows la *laughs*)
Ahaa we had fun rollerblading with deserie the noob.
aftermath, we went to simpang to meet justin
for dinner. wooooooooooo the foood there is just...
aweesomeeee! Love the ambience there too!
Reached home around 12?
Went out with Momma to tm on sunday.
Spent around 200 in total. WAIT. DON'T GET IT
WRONG.. among the 200bucks, 80bucks on
me. It have been ages since i last shopped....
I think it has been around 2 months since i last
stepped into town. Fabulous! i'm sure it did
a part in helping me save money.
Met up with Weeting the pig and maggie my
twin and had lotsa fun and laughter!
I'll be having crosscountry tomorrow at
pasir ris park. Tuition in the night.....

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