Friday, May 30, 2008

Be warned, a wordy post. oh what a hardy-hoody.
My tears are flooding pails.
Can all guys in this whole-wide-universe rectify
there point of view towards me? I'm not in any way trying
to fend for myself but seriously i'm not what you see me as.
What most people often portrait the Eileen as:
1. Stucked-up, play hard to get girl.
2. Too pampered
3. Better leave, she'll spend your money!
4. A vamp that sucks all your blood & make you go crazy
5. She've got high expectations.
6. hey, she seems to be very unfriendly.
7. ewwww, totally look like a bitch/bimbo to me.
8. Bet she had many ex in the past.
Imma explain myself now(like seriously)
The feelings of melancholy are killing me sooon k.
1. Its normal for everyone to play hard to get once a while
because it boost one's ego. i mean who doesn't do that right?
but i swear i'm not stucked up in anyway at all once you get
to know me well.. i'm easy to understand.
2. yeah, i may be pampered but i'm not those kinda dependent
girls where i need people to clean my plates and feets.
I do things on my own too. The fact is, i'm just too used to
the amount of attention someone showers me. Thats it
3. For god damm's sake. I know this is gonna be quite scaring
but i don't enjoy spending guys money! to be truthful, i always
feel guilty about it. I love spending my money buying things
i like because i feel more carefree without any restrictions.
I'm not those girls going to different guys just to cheat on
their money. I find them slutty actually.. (*slaps* no cursing!)
4. Yes, now its pretty obvious that i won't suck up, boil any
of your blood or money. I live for myself & i feed myself need
no guys to do that babe. With this intriguing account, up
to date, i've never driven anyone crazy.
5. Comeon, tell me who the dumbduck in this world don't
have expectations of their own? If we can afford better assets,
as self-centered creatures(or should i name human beings) like us, will be
so tempted to search high and low in singapore for better
choices am i right? Tell me i am dear readers.
6. I believe this is partly my fault because i norm give some
faces to people whom i don't really know well (or should i say strangers)
i'm not that unfriendly actually......
7. I know I know, but i'm not to blame! blame it on momma
for giving me such a bitchy face. Friends who've been with me
for years said things like " seriously speaking, if we're those
hi-bye friends right... i think you look a total bitch to me"
Why not try understanding me before assuming what i'm not?
8. I know people don't believe my words. but i really
had 2 ex. Deja Vu ! i'm not cooking up any falsehoods alright.
Conclusion: That's what Eileen is totally made up of.
I know its scaring my readers like cockroaches running
away from bygon(don't know whats the name lah)
Readers, as you can see, i'm freaking free blogging
almost everyday... so Email or tag me anything that you ppl
waanna know. cosmetics etc etc k! bye.

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