Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I'm Hardworking.

I hereby apologise to my readers for not posting
for the past few days! As always, this hardworking girl
here had been studying real hard with her friends.
sunday - Downtown Mac with geniababy, justin and ms soh
monday: Downtown with geniababy, randy, nik and nas.
I swear, i've never been so serious about exams before.
my momma actually said she was shock to see her
daughter revising in her own room without company
do hope that all my hard work will be paid..
had maths paper 2 and chem today. maths was relatively
easy, no really for chem though. alright this is getting
exciting... exams are going to be over! yay, finally
some break. longer break = more pictures (:
Theres like more than a million pictures in my folder .
no, i'm not able to let go.

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