Sunday, May 25, 2008

Saturday Out.
i know i'm very very fair okay don't add in!
Dears, look at the time now... i'm blogging (suprising isin't it?)
couldn't sleep came out to watch tv with dad laughs and he
knew i was feeling troubled. Had no idea why i kept thinking
about things like school, future, _______ <-- use your creativity readers!
Mummy, your daughter is a useless bummm she can't seems
to do anything right in life (yet?) Have been blogging almost
everyday. Therefore urge readers not to be lazy but scroll down!
went to limin's facial place to do my japanese eyelash perm
it turns out quite nice though the right eye is not that curled -,-
35$ *flies* headed to tm right after the perm. Don't blame me!
Its GSS and i'm shopping like a mad dog spending about $80? roars.
Eileen, Vainity is getting to your head again for no reason.
On a diet now! yayzxzxzxzx. Oh yea! readers, i'm working
(yes, shu uemura again) on sat and some other dates.
i'm gonnna mug for all the exams till i go crazy! Going back
school for Co practices and revising starting from June.
Miss my friends yehx.

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