Saturday, May 17, 2008

Nobody will bring me down. Be it words or actions.
Hello dear readers... ( highly recommend those who prefer post with pictures not to read
as you can see it's the beginning for a very boring post) so...... Eileen went to
cut her hair today. Triple flying kisses for short fringe now!
Shu uemura called and ask if i can work tomorrow.
i turned them down :/ because, i'm pure lazy. $$$ gone.
Oh ya.. was wondering why are guys always so against lesbians?
( if you seriously know why... please tag)
Eileen's complain of the week.
Went bugis with Wanzhuang and geniababy yesterday.
I just couldnt stand people working at the street.
i wonder do their sweeetest parents teach them how to
be courteous and polite. (its rude i know.. but i couldnt stand it anym!)
i've tolerated enough okay... it has beeen more than once!
i'll re-enact the scene now....
Me: (browsing ard) excuse me, how much is this bag?
She(with the f-uped face talking to someone opposite her shop staring at me ): ah 23 la
Me: (with the ___ face <-- insert any word): wow, okay.
I swear at that moment i really felt like slapping her butt
of her body! i wonder what ppl had became to nowadays.
Bugis street is seriously pathetic. Its full of disgusting
ahlianzxzxzx with thick glitter under their eyes with some
highheels and elmo shirt(not discriminationg elmos but the high heels with shorts)
they stare from your head to toe like nobody's business.
seriously jialatzxzxzxzxxxzxzx. why so many ahlians!?!?!?
Conclusion: because they think they're very cool with bengzx
like what i've said before... it's the same.

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