Friday, May 09, 2008

old times. (sec 3)
dammmm. i couldnt really take nice pictures
yesterday due to phone corruption laughs! so...i've
decided to post some sec3 photos to entertain my readers.
As you can see, Eileen actually applies
makeups to school last year! oh my goddddddddd.
not to the last picture though, cause at
that point of time i've already changed for the better.
imagine how vain i was! how disgusting can it be to
apply eyeliners, foundation etc etc to school?
okay back to yesterday. i'm very happpy! had fun with
genia baby, dearJo and her boyfriend watching what
happen in vegas. I hereby encourage all couples/friends
/going-to-be couples to watch that show! i swear it's
reallly funnny and entertaining. of course, touching too.
oh yea, whats more when the tickets only costing $6
for nebo members at Ehub? goooodness, love it there!
I thought by now i would have forgotton everything..
but no, i didn't and i can't let my emotions out. i don't
want to affect anyone anymore. Sighs

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