Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I Miss all my friends manyxzxzxzz.

dear momma and me( cheater with heels! shes not that tall)
oh dear... i didn't post for 3 days. - i'm lazy la okay!
although i said no to posting anymore peektures, but i found out
that i actually love my readers alot to be soft-heartened (:
geegagageegaga we're amazingly going for an ite west visit
for some courses till 5pm! but the good thing is... we only
need to reach school at 11am! cheeers babezx we finally can
sleep to our content! yayz suprisingly, momma is going for
this friday's ptm(parent-teacher meeting in case you guys forgotton this term)
she'll be the first because i'm register number 2( god dammz =,=)
from 10am-10.15am. Momma, please be proud of your cute
daughter blogging about you now *a wide smile*
fascinatingly, i'm beginning to love school than staying at
home because i've pratically nothing better to do :/
starting to miss the days when i always hang out with friends.

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