Monday, May 12, 2008

Ever-Adorable Alvin
that's last year at sentosa with DearJo! soooo sorry
readers, for the slow updates of last year's pictures (:
Eileen the goood hommmmy girl, stayed at home today.
wait! of course, with thousands and millions rantings!
ROARS OKAY. SUNDAY LEHHHH why am i staying
home for duckness sake? oh yea, see see i swear
everyone gonnna agree with me that alvin is really cute.
although i kept scolding and hitting him today :/ hes naughty!
Plans for tomorrow : meeeting Geniababy and Dearjo at tamp
mrt ard 12. heading to paragon. i know its not really nice
for a girl to curse and swear... but again, i swear i'll be
shopping for totes and gucci lanyard tomorrow!
yayxzxzxzxx i'm very excited! had been ages since i last
reallly spent some money. so.... tomorrow there will be
photos! no worrries i'll update soon sweeties!
with love, (:

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