Friday, May 02, 2008

say hello to my new phone. LG KS20
yayyoyayyo. i love mum and dad! <3>
[ although i feel guilty spending their 500 bucks]
went shopping with parents ytd. In the middle of no
where mum suggested we go take a look at new phones.
of course, i happily agreeed! Laughs. [ our conversation]
Me: wow! mum, that's (ks20) very nice right?
Mum: ya lor hor... your phone(N76) so lousy alrdy.
Me: That's why la.. siannnnnnn -,- "
Mum: Want buy anot? ask papa come lo we queue.
okay Eileen, the greedy girl happily called out for her
dad. we apparently spent an hour for our turn okayzxz.
*tadar* $$$$ gone. momma kept complaining when
i got home because she said it was rather my shopping
trip than hers as she bought nothing at all! heeee.
After that went to meeet eugeniababyxzx and ivory for
movie. yay! happpppy life for me now *tweez*
i'll have another round of exams starting from monday.
after next week i'll be free! i swear my holiday will
definately be fun this time round. GUCCI LANYARD.

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