Monday, January 19, 2009

Ages since i last blogged.

"Hi i miss you guys!"
I think this 2 pics were taken last last weekend.
Took many pictures of myself that day! HAHAHAHA
so be prepared! gna post em all up and digust you
Nope flu bug didn't kidnap me, i'm not stuck in the
toilet bowl and i didn't die from some terminal disease.
I'm just purely busy! I'll be having combi science
test Ca1 tomorrow and here i am still blogging.
Seems like i'm not at all worried huh?
Wheres the vibes of an O lvl student?
I hope time won't speed ahead of me before i start
mugging like how i used to and live to regret later.
I needa build the momentum. Soon.
Yet, another chinese new year coming.
A freagging happy new year to all my readers.
Love ya all.
Somewhere, someone.

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