Monday, January 12, 2009

Release of O lvl results today.
Congrats to people who acheived good results.
For those who didn't, cheer up.. give yourself a pat
because you know you've done your best!
My dear xinci, don't always give yourself so much
stress... cmon! it's a distinction! celebrate! :)
Since last year, i've always been saying things
like i wanna study hard and attain good results.
I guess it's not that easy as what we think.
So many of my batch 4 express students are smarter
than me... but see what they score?
So.. here the question comes.
What kind of results will i be getting? Will i still
maintain the 4As i've got for N lvls? Poly or Jc?
will i be celebrating or crying when 2010 jan
comes? (but anyw no matter how i fare, i'll still cry)
I know... call me a cry baby thanks. HAHA
Eileen... focus.
No distractions allowed
No wasting of precious time
No late nights out anymore
No fooling around
And start mugging as and when i'm free.
I've got no time to afford.
Next up: Makeup 1 post.

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