Thursday, January 01, 2009

Hi 2009, bye 2008.

"A happy new year to all my readers!"
May the year start off with laughters, happiness and
fret-free for all the sweeties! Thanks for staying by me
through all the ups and downs of 2008.
Though not physically with me, but all your encouraging
tags cheered me up. Because at least i know....
Theres somewhere, someone cares about me genuinely.
Theres always this saying....
A new year, a new beginning.
True? I don't know.
New beginning? what about all those old chapters you
own? Bring it with you, throw them away or just keep
it somewhere so that you'll still be able to see them?
Sometimes i think i'm too fickle minded.
What will happen in the year of 2009, no one knows.
Whats more important now is to learn how to cherish
chances that vanishes as soon as they comes by.
Do what we think is right and stop harping on hopes
that are non realistic. That's my new principle for
the year.
Back to schooling from tomorrow onwards.
Which means, no more crazy time. I'm reverting back
to my old self. I'm very serious in acheiving good
results for 0s this year. People! let's do it!
We laughed, we cried and all the while
we felt so alive it was you and me,
you grabbed my hand and you made me see
what could it feel like and what it might be like
you wrote my name in the sand
In this endless summer we will be together
and i don't want this feeling to ever end
looking back in november feel the sun and remember
that when our time has finally come to pass
somethings last, somethings always last
Save goodbye keep it frozen in december
I need the high to get me through the ever after
Cause now that it feels like its far from what it was like
When we wrote our names in the sand
I love my blog's song lyrics alot.
Bid goodbye tiring/sad/happy/sweet 2008.

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