Sunday, January 04, 2009

Theres more to it.

Happy birthday sebas! i'm so sorry i couldn't make
it ytd! No worries present here with me :)
Hi readers! I know whats the first thing you guys have in
mind now. "whats up with all the acting cute peekos"
all these pictures were taken during my chalet.
That's not the end ok! theres more to the collection :)
School officially starts on monday.... but i've been
sick for more than a week! and it's not getting any
better. I'm so sorry if i've passed you the flu! :(
Drink more water people!
Skipped dance again today....
I'm really too sick to dance and that's bad!
I'll be back with a proper post soon!
Pardon me.. cause i'm back to school.
Sometimes it leaves me thinking so hard

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