Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dec 08
This is how i look like without makeups.
I posted one of the picture taken on the same day too.
(if my readers still remember)
ok i just realised my hair suck that day! tsk tsk.
I managed to pass my maths test that i thought will
be screwed. Guess how much i've fared?
Wooh! i passed! Not a thing to celebrate about...
but somehow feel contented about it alrdy.
Because tcher said that he setted this paper at
a standard that's higher than Os. But whatever
it is, it is vital not to get complacent K?
I skipped school yesterday and awarded myself
with a self-proclaimed holiday :)
It feels so good to get to sleep till you naturally
wakes up without those annoying alarm clock
ringing so much that you've to keep snoozing
them every 5 mins. Sounds familiar? haha.
Anyw, a happy advanced chinese new year to my
readers! Good health, Good money rolls in k!
A phrase for you ppl " HUAT AH! "
(it means to prosper or whatever that's good)
Thats what my grandmothers and uncles always
say during this period.
I can't bring myself to enjoy that much because..
My common test starts on the 1st of feb.
Study Eileen study! We can't lose out to
the 4express students like what our tchers said.
To all the 5academic students: We're
always being stereotyped being lousier in studies
than the express students! it's time we prove
them wrong! Our '09 sec 5 will prove everyone
WRONG. Let's all strive hard for Os! <3
I'll be going parkway later i think.
be back soon with peekos :)
With love.

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