Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Okay, changed my mind. Since i said about
good facial care regime, this post shall be......
How to take good care of your skin
(don't be lazy.. read em all it helps!)

Jessica alba

Jennier lopez

Angelina Jolie
Posted this picture before last year if you guys notice.
Cmon ladies.. admit it. No one looks good without any
ounce of foundation/concealer on them.
I'm not saying that those without em looks ugly...
Just trying to tell my dear readers no one looks uglier
in makeups. A lil doesn't kills. (although guys always
emphasizes that they prefer the au natural look without makeups on)
Who wouldn't want their girlfriend/spouse to look
so hot that all the stares from others melts on them?
Nope, no point denying guys... :)
So how do i start off with?
Taking care of your skin is the vital point.
That's why i said... Good facial care regime.
Theres some of my friends who doesnt wash their
face before bed. Gosh... just imagine the amount
of oil building up on your cheeks drowning the
soon to grow pimples. V gross isin't it?
Ok ignore this part because i'm just giving some real examples that
i've heard and experience. you should know i love talking!
So of course...
Remember to wash your face no matter how tired
or sick you are before bed and it's the first thing to do
when you wake up by the beautiful sun!
No choice ladies, that's our long term liability.
For combination skin like mine,
(meaning, your face tend to be more oily at the t-zone)
Oily skin
Use cleansing milk!!!
It's really proven that our skin improves as long as
we uses milk base product. I've tried and it's really
working. I'm using Clarins cleasing milk btw.
Oh yeah! do my dear ladies even know that
we're not advised to wash our face more than twice
daily? Studies shown that the more we washes
our face, we'll be sending a message to our brain
to produce even more oil. (works like oil blotter)
yeah now you know the scary consequences.
What if you're wearing makeups? how to cleanse?
Ok this is what i've always been doing since i started
using cosmetics.
If you're having your oh-so-volumized
mascara on your real lashes,(can't be bothered with falsies
cause you just need to pluck em off) Cleansing oil(any brand)
I'm using shu uemura's in case you need to know.
apply it onto your lashes with your fingers and
gently massage it. (The keyword is gently! you wouldn't
want a bald eyelid without any hair. HAHAHA hilarious!)
Once you think that you've removed majority of
the mascara on your lashes, use a clean tissue
paper and wipe it off. Repeat this step if needed.
Thereafter, double cleanse your face with cleansing
milk. What's double cleanse? it means to apply
cleansing milk, massage rinse off and repeat.
After you're done.... rinse your face with cooler
water at the very end as it contracts your pores.
Yes, with that... not so much dirt will intrude your pores and
thus, turning them into those irritating black and white heads!
Do not use your towel to wipe your face!!!!
Wait, unless you uses a seperate one for washing up.
Imagine... you wipe your body and pubic area and you
wipe your face without knowing theres millions of
micro-organism and bacteria.
So, use tissue paper my dears!
HAHAHA i bet those producing tissue papers
gonna earn more $$$$.
Thanks! i've ended my 1st post today :)
Next post up by next next week!
Stay tuned, with more pictures!!!!!!!

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