Sunday, January 25, 2009

HAHA scare yourself on cny eve.

Gave yourself a scare? I'll rate that 4.5/5.
So proud of myself being able to look so scary. LOL
A happy chinese new year readers!
Tonight will be momentous in almost everyone's life.
A day where we'll gather with our loved ones for
reunion dinner. To others it might be something
mundane because some of you might be thinking
whats the big deal abt reunion dinner when you get
to eat with your family everyday right?
But for me, it's noteworthy.
Most of the time, i eat out with my friends or
pack some food home as my mom don't
usually cook and my dad will normally be out.
I love days like this when i get to enjoy dinner
with my family! Although i always find my
cousins very noisy...whatever it is, family is my
utmost priority. eh studies too :)
I LOVE YOU PAPAMAMA and... ______
As i get older, i'm starting to get the picture of things.
understanding more and more that i've never
experienced in the past. With love ;

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