Thursday, January 22, 2009

Taiwan peeks part I(dec 08)
What actually took me so long to post all these peeks
up!? Ok i know i look kinda 'weird' in them.
Can't seem to figure whats the difference though.
3 more days to Chinese new year........
guess what?
I've freaggingly been putting on weight. IDIOT.
I don't understand why can't i just maintain my
weight instead of putting on another kg or 2!
It gets particularly irritating at times like this..
because you know you definitely have to look
good on your clothes for cny. Eileen, an awesome
job done here! instead of losing, you gained.
So my crash plan is to.........
STOP EATING starting from friday to monday!
hope i'll be able to like lose 2kg[?]
Mayb i'm lucky enough this time round with the
help of the goddamn freaging pain cramps.
This torment i have to bear with even when
it's killing me anytime soon.. HELP!
Ok i've got like so many things to rant about.
Pardon me please readers.
For your info, i screwed my maths test today.
I swear it suck a big time and i'm prolly gonna
get a big fat underlined mark on my report
card for it. *knocks*
Anyw, come to think of it...
I think i've spent quite a huge some of dad's money
last year. Need to curb myself from buying
unnecessary yet pretty stuffs when i'm out omg.
I don't use to spend like that!!!!!!!
but... my weekly allowance is seriously not enough!
$70-$80 per week for a girl. Comments?
Gonna post more pics up soon. much nicer ones!

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