Thursday, January 08, 2009

I'll be back.

Say hello.
That's me without makeups during the baby's
1 year old birthday! Okay you readers might be thinking
i'm lying. I did put on sunblock(it's my daily routine),
drew my brows and wore contact lenses la! AHHAAHA
Quit asking me whether did i apply blusher.
I really didn't. My face has natural blush 24/7!
To be happy or not to? You decide :)
School started... i'm just waiting for the day
where the stress will start to hit me.
I still don't feel the urgency yet...... I'm starting to
feel sick of school, dozing off during lesson etc.
Tell me how! i wanna get L1R4 of <12!
If only i'll be able to maintain my L1R4 of 10
in N lvl for this year's O lvls.
No point saying so much... Actions will prove
my efforts and hardwork soon in the year of 2010.
I'll be back for more pics.
Going where tomorrow eileen? nowhere.
Tired, sick, down and low.

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