Thursday, June 12, 2008

3rd of June's chalet Just came back from co camp and i'm seriously deprived of sleep.
Spent the whole of yesterday night chatting, singing and crapping.
Enjoyed myself with Wanzhuang, Xuanhui, Weijian, Jiaqi
& chloe. Been ages since the seniors and us really crowd tgt
and had fun. Do really hope that the juniors will maintain
our glory - Gold with Honours for 2009's Syf.
Okay lah looking into the mirror now will be scaring myself.
Everyone was like commenting on my panda eyes. shitzxzx man.
i'm gonna look so ugly for a day or so k.
Hello readers, i had many pictures of wz, chloe, jiaqi and me.
I guess we look total retard in it.. heheheheh so freaking hilarious!
imma catch some beauty sleeep now. i'll blog tomorrow!
complaints: why auntie nowdays dress so chio one?!

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