Monday, June 02, 2008

Sunday out- Click five's concert
I know you readers are starting to get bored of my wordy posts
so if you really miss my face, heres a super duper blurred picture
of me working on saturday! don't worry lah, this is only an
appetizer for tomorrow's upcoming photos of myself laughs!
Enjoy! ( if you really can figure out my features from that photo)
So.... We had the premium tickets for click five's concert.
I don't understand why is it named premium when it only
benefits those crazy-like-fans to stand close to their idols.
I would say the crowd wasn't that overwhelming though.
Please 'Sayang' my legs now! I've been standing like 7 hrs
on sat for shu uemura and yayness 2 hrs today for the concert.
Don't worry lah (you know who) i did enjoy myself except for the fact
that i'm too tired to even clap for the Hunks. Laughs
Rating 7/10 stars
I'll definately blog tomorrow dears due to having chalet from
3rd to 5th of june. 6th of june- Shu uemura
Aftermath, i'll be having Co camp from 9th or 10th to 11th
or 12th(cant really rmb) still thinking whether i should stay
over... or maybe just for the graduation night?
Lingers and still Lingering...

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