Thursday, June 26, 2008

Part one Peektures. And top ten Girls/guys secrets
Eileen looking ugly here.....

Eileen gonna post the part 2 pictures soon.
Dear readers of mine should really anticipate my next post.
As you can see, we seems to be very crazy on the last photo.
(which means we took more than 2385252049 of em)
Heres an interesting one i've came up with. Enjoy!
Hello dear ladies, realise that at times guys just don't understand
what message are you trying to convey? Solve them now!
Woman: I think we need to talk.
Guy(reckon it as) : Shes angry!!!! No matter how nice
i'm going to be talking to her, It's still gonna be my fault.
Woman: Eh you see you see that girl pretty?! pretty hor!!
Guy(reckon it as) : Wa... it's a trap! if i agree confirm die one la!
so apparently, she wants me to say no, but shes the prettiest.
Woman: That girl is a total bitch lor.
Guy(reckon it as) : She wants me to agree with her.. if not, we'll
starting bickering over this again.
Woman: ohh wow you see that ____ (<-- insert any word in)very nice!
Guy(reckon it as) : This money sucker, obviously want me to
buy it for her lor.
... eh, i went out of ideas.
Conclusion: Be truthful, speak your mind out :D
HAHAHAHAHA i hope this lighten up the stressful days
of my readers! Thanks for all the sweeet encouragement...
You dearies are the best!
With love,

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