Tuesday, June 24, 2008

An overdue picture with wanzhuang
Oh readers, i'm sucha nice girl... help you guys check
the prices for fancl's bottled collagen already. It's $7 per bottle.
10 bottles at $61+ It's best to consume it everyday! I've bought
some for momma and me! Bought the slimming pills too...
I must slim down!
Eileen is not a liar! she can't post ytd's
peektures because her damm baby is not even online.
Damm her kayzxzxz she still dare to tell me " eh faster upload
the pictures leh i wanna blog today if possible" zzzz
slap your big butt ok!
First day of school guess what?
i was told that N lvls English oral is next week.
obviously this blur girl here knew nothing about it!
Stress is hitting me hard on the head now.
so i guess i'll be pretty much looking like a nerd in school.
Eileen poh, you need to mug and maintain your results k?
So you better don't be lazy and sleep in class hor.
Be a good girl and you'll be rewarded *smiles*
Okay, i'm so gonna stop here before i continue talking
to myself. I'll blog soooon with the peektures!
With hugs and kisses,

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