Monday, June 16, 2008

i'm so happy.

OH MY GOD! Readers readers, are you looking at my new skin???
I love it alot x 100! Thanks to wejian-
I swear hes a freaking nice person to help me do this up.
(advice: so if you want something like mine, be nice to him..
and read his blog..maybe it helps? :D) okay i'm getting too high.
Remember Eileen saying that she'll post peektures about the
day out with weeting? yeah, so we watched the incredible hulk..
The show was interesting but quite longwinded. Our butts ended
up super-uper painful. Overall rating 3.5/5 stars.
kkk back to weeting. No doubt shes a pig in a human's body!
i vividly remember accompanying her to mos burger for lunch
at about 4pm so at ard... erm 6pm? she told me " Eileen! i'm
hungry leh!!" I was like wtf? This was still acceptable hor?
nvmmmmmm at night(mark this : mid-night) when i'm online
she complained about being hungry again! oh god, PIG.
I wanna complain! Her Psp so cute leh. manzxzxzxzxxzx.
Ivory: Ah girl, thanks for buying presents for me k! <3>
dears, i'm working tomorrow 10am-5.30pm Shu Uemuraaaa
i'm going i'm going...

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