Saturday, June 14, 2008

If you miss me....
HEHEHEHEH! hello dears, i promised to upload the
peektures of me and weeting etc etc right? so sorrry i've got to
break that promise.. because i spent the whole day at town.
So... no you see a very apologetic person here trying to post one
picture of herself to erase her sins. Laughs!
Met up with baby and yuxiang today. i guess i've prolly earned
myself some good karma because i accompanied yuxiang all the
way to town for his dad's present. * triple claps *
Okay i swear i dislike town k... cause its like couples everywhere!
highly recommend those loners(like me) not to go !
oh yeah! saw rowell there. Imy wife! lets go out sooon.
Okay, i wanna watch movie tomorrow leh.. anyone?
blog tomorrrrowwwwww. weehee, enjoy that pic.

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