Monday, June 30, 2008

Keep thinking that you like that someone? Exposed!
Top 12 signs of you really liking someone :
1. When you're reading this, that person is alrdy on your mind
2.You're willing to sacrifice(time,money etc) anything for them
3.You'll go a mile further just to catch a glimpse of them
4. Always smiling to yourself when you think of them
5. You'll start listening to songs that reminds you of them
6. When him/her ard you, you do not notice anyone else.
7. Deep down, you smile to youself when you hear their voices
8. Your heart beats a beat faster when you think of them
9. You feel shy whenever him/her is around you.

10. You'll walk slowly when you're with them.
11. You read their Texts/Msg/whatever over and over again
12. You ponder about what will happen to you and him/her
in the future.
Bingo*** Eh Sweeties, i know your mouth is wide open
because i've got everything right. Eileen is clever leh!
I know you guys miss me, i'll blog super soon!
Staying back for Co tomorrow~
I can't see you.

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