Sunday, June 15, 2008

I spent the whole of today comtemplating about my life..
Since young, our momma often said things like " next time when you grow
up, you'll know or understand why". Grow up? Just when exactly do humans
grow up? I wonder how much time do we waste in a lifetime. Some people strive to
acheive/cherish things every minute possible in life but some just roam around
aimlessly with their loathsome attitude/perspective towards themselves.
I guess i'm starting to understand this dimension we're living in. The very minute
we're given a foothold in this place, we're fated to suffer through humiliation,
illness and things like that. So the question is, when will we ever really look into
life and rejoice for every little things we've succeeded? i reckon most ppl
never reflected on themselves, yet.
A question for my dear readers.
Friends, Family, Money, Love, Studies
If you're given a chance to prioritise the above values, how will you do it?
This question have been jangling in my mind for years. Overtime it changes
but for now i guess i'll stop mucking around....... this is how it goes.
Family - They'll be the ones there no matter rain or shine.
Friends - They're the one that really understands how you feel
Studies - For future and its good for numbing yourself against things ard you.
Love - Used to placed this on the 2nd or 3rd. Realise it isin't impt alrdy. Tired.
Money - Money buy you superficial, not happiness.
What about my readers?! Tell me how you ppl feeeeeeeel!
I give up.

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