Sunday, June 29, 2008

Part II

Shitshitshitzx, i posted the pictures in the wrong sequence.
Feel like slapping my hands off now zzzzzz.
I'm hereby apologise because this is so gonna be a post full
of my rantings!
Anyway readers, as you can see nowadays, Eileen is normally
not in a very good mood. I've so so many things to do in 24hrs
of my life. It's almost the same schedule packed everyday.
Wake up, walk to sch, sch till 2+ 3, eat lunch, go home,
use com(blogging etc etc.), revise some work, bathe, sleep.
And the routine continues........ till like what? After my Ns
which is october. Roars mannnnnn why are singaporeans
always so kiasu?! But still, i wanna do well k!
Miraculously, Eileen went studying with classmates
At terminal 1 today. Did chem and poa!
Hope it helps... okok what a beautiful monday it's gonna
be tomorrow. Class ends at 2, aftermath i'll be having geog
class till 4+. I'll most probably be back for CO practice on tues.
Sch ends at 3 on wednesday.. Thurs i'll be having Eng oral.
Oh wait wait.... Did i even tell you guys that all the
remedials will be knocking on my door starting from
next week? I'm so stressed up! help me!
I'm gonnnna muggggggggggggggggggggggggg.
Contradicting fact.

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