Thursday, June 19, 2008

Admit that i'm superrrr lazy.That's banana btw. he loves acting cute.

Hello dears~ I'm not gonna upload the pictures at work first.
Cause the files are too big and dads gonna send comp for repair.
so hor.... i uploaded this look-alike photo( 14th june's post)
to cover up my laziness! ( kk la it's taken tgt with that look-alike post. i'm zilian! heh)
Went out with Banana( wait... don't think too much hes just my friend)
to Bugis today to get my eyebrow pencil sharpened
(Oh did i mention that shu uemura's eyebrow pencil is the best? $30 only leh! + free sharpening service)
Swear i'm damm tired today k. Anyway, we shop ard bugis for
like 2 hours and took quite a number of peektures.
Be patient! gonna post em all up sooon alright sweeeties (:
Dear Readers, please give me some advice!
do you guys think i should cut my hair short? anyw, i'm
gonnna reborn my fringe tomorrow.. it suck to the max now.
i'll blog tomorrow. IDEAS FOR TOPICS PLEASE!

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