Sunday, July 20, 2008

Don't laugh! Without makeups exposed.
I'm so gonna apologise to my sweeetest readers.
I promised to blog on the 18th but i didnt! I'm so so so
sorry! Wasn't really in the mood for blogging the past few
days. So..... Life for Eileen is still nice and good
no worries dears. Anyw, Those peektures were taken on
my dear Jolene's birthday at Hans river.
Enjoy the day with them. Girls, thanks for being there
now and always! <3
Went out with Weeting and Maggie today.
I swear it's our unlucky day! first, we missed our stop.
second, we didnt know how to get to leisure park.
third, we didnt study at all.
fourth, we're being stalked by 2 guys who wanted
our numbers. Indeed, we're scared and disgusted.
=,= I do enjoy lazing my time ard with them!
ps: meiqi-maggie is my sister la we look alike.
Weeting is a pig!
Tomorrow(or should i say later in the afternoon)
I'm going out with the girls again to study!
Maths worksheet not done......
English summary not yet finish.....
Wanna complete my chem tys.....
What a dull life i'm leading now. Darn.
Dear readers, tell me how to compensate for the days
i've cheated you guys for not blogging! Really thanks for
being there. Every comment of you people brighten up
my day with 10000 light bulbs (:
gonna blog all the pictures i've taken with maggie
and weeting by... hmmm... SOOON!
cause i kinda miss blogging now. bye!
With love.

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