Saturday, July 05, 2008

Swear this pic with sammi is super ugly. - after work ):
Pri - Still a cute one i guess...
See how fat i've grown in pri 6? don't laugh so hard leh..

The warmest hugs and kisses to all my dear readers k (:
so anyway, i nosebleeded again.... The sight of the tissue i've
used was kinda horrifying! Gna post them up very soon babies.
Warning: Those who'll faint if he/she sees blood, please avoid
reading my next post! Beware! Rating ** 3.8/5.0
Stayed in school to finish my Poa today ( yeah, principles of
accountings! in case some of the blur sotongs don't know) Its was tiring re-writing all
the notes up. Aftermath, went Tm to meet momma and daddo.
Ohmigodzx all of you readers should so really go to the
hokkaido fair! Love their dry scallops there... Although its way
cheaper grabbing em in japan *Bangs my head on the wall*
Spend alot on foood! Like always, my mother gainsay the fact
that she've actually put on about 1kg? Nevermind about that long as daddo still loves her :D Sweeeeet.
I swear i'll take many peektures tmr! i'll be most likely to be
at either bugis or town. Needa go over shu uemura to collect
the cosmetics i've ordered. I Desperately wanna slim down.
Am i too ugly? Help! Hugs and kisses,

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