Monday, July 14, 2008

Eileen 25th may '07

That was last year.
okay, please don't laugh readers! i know i look awful.
Just don't understand why my face is 24/7 blushing.
It's good to have natural blush i know.... but at times, it's
really irritating. *** Dangs C. can't hide the fact that i'm
shy! because my face pratically reveals every thought
in my mind. Conclusion: Eileen can't lie. tweeez!
I think i need some confidence boost tablets! All my
friends are like scolding me because i'm always
ranting to them about how i look like etc etc.
ohhhhhh and i ate slimming pills. In case you don't know,
i'm 47kg which is freagggging fat/plump.
If you guys are still gonna gainsay that, whateverrrrrr.
went to watsons just now and i saw so many new products
from japan! Any of my sweeties tried whitening tablets
from SATO or MEIJI amino collagen? flooood the
tagboard please! Much loves<3
Still the same.... Miraculously, i've been doing my own
revision at home. I'm gonna fight all the major exams
and enjoy the later part of my life with a stablise lifestyle.
Poly - Business majoring in Marketing
Wait for meeeeeee in the year of 2010!
Me, I, Eileen
I'll not going to mull over this anymore.
I'm sick and tired of guys taking me forgranted.
Really tireddddddddd this time round.
I won't do anything anymore.
I'll let go.
bye, hope you'll do well in everything
because deep down, i do wish you well.

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