Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Eileen's classic.

In case my dears can't really see the picture, do click on it for the enlarged version k! don't be a lazy bum! If i'm not wrong, this cute picture was taken when i was hmm..
perhaps 8 or 9? I don't think i look different lor! except for the fact that i've grown
so so much fatter when i was 11. ohhhhhh bet you people didn't know that i was such a
fat ass eating so much during my primary school days right! (although i still adore eating now =,=) when i really have the time i'll definately post up my fat face pictures when i was pri5 and 6 alright! HAHAHA.
I knew my lovely readers did prayed hard for me last night because i find today's
English oral relatively easy as compared from how i imagined it to be.
Hope Eileen will score okkkk! Shouldnt be so happy yet.... because on the
16th/17th july, i'll be having my mt oral. I admit i suck in reading chinese *pouts*
And also right after national day, which falls on 8/10, all our prelims will start
hitting me. Also not long after, i think ard mid/end of sept, we'll be having N's
already leh! Which means i will need to reconnect/rack my brain so that i'll be
able to digest all the preparations and books into my head. ........ HOW LOVELY
Life is so vulnerable... i've learnt how to take it easy and go.

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