Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A very boring and mundane post.
Damm, I couldn't post any pictures because my com crashed. Using my lappy now and there isin't any nice photos for me to post. Dear Sweeties, i know you guys are super ardent. If you really miss me, don't mind go friendster see the past 'AcT LiiAn' peektures of me or even better still.. go see my blog archives and have a good laugh at it k? Have fun entertaining yourself ^^
i know my readers are all lovely! Please pray hard for Eileen Poh because shes gonna have her
N's English oral. I've been diligently belaboring my picture description because thats my weakest. Do hope all my efforts will be remunerated.. i've also been very attentive in class lately leh! Do feel the urgency now. All the express classes of our cohort will be graduating this year.. feel so disappointed in myself! Eileen still have another year wearing the unsightly
uniform with ugly faces appearing in every corner of the school. Downright adhorrent! Booo
I reckon that my blog was so much capitivating/fun during the holidays right readers? Give me some ideas please! welcomed to email me!
ohhhhh wait i just notice that my com is functioning normally. oh my god damm it la! waitwait, one last thing to rant about.. hehehe my toe is suffering from ingrown again! *ouch*

Away from you,

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