Saturday, July 12, 2008

What a hectic life i'm leading now.... N levels MT oral
is drawing near. I'm seriously not prepared for it! sighs.......
What miss chua said did made sense. She: This is the time
where your future really depends on yourself. Run the last lap,
keep up the momentum. ( Although we're not talking Os yet)
(oh wait, shes teaching my class chinese now btw.)
My N lvl's prelim starts on the 31st of july. To be exact,
19 days from now. Prelims will end goodbye on the 18 of august.
**** One week holidays.......................
Within the one week we'll be having 3 N lvl's papers.
English, SS and Chinese.
**** After one week holidays...............
All the papers start knocking on our doors alrdy.
Eileen, you seriously don't have anymore time! Please,
Who wants to go studying please contact Eileen.
dear readers, do bear with me.... schoolwork is really
stressful!! Anyway, gonna post last year's wedding pictures!
i was the bridesmaid herhehehe.
gtg do my english paper!
I dislike you.

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