Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Life is short, cherish everything while we can. wordy post!
At times, i really do wonder why am i behaving weirdly. It seems to be getting worse
as days passes... What duncan said was true. Duncan: out of a sudden you'll go
hungry, woahahah suddenly you're mad and the next minute, you're laughing like a clown. That really happens to Eileen. oh mannnnnnnnnn.
I'm down with fever. Every minute, i feel as though my blood
gushes up to my head without going through any vessels.
oh god.......... I wonder whats wrong with me recently.. All those nosebleeds, flu and
fever gonna kill me soon. Probably i'm down with some kinda weird disease.
Anyw for you concerned readers, i've yet to visit the doctor regarding my nosebleedings. I'm afraid... seriously i am. Actually i'm supposed to go for this minor
operation for my ingrown since months ago but i was so stubborn! i insist that i'll take care of it myself. To my intriguing account, **dangggg the ingrown is still lying painfully on my toe. Tell me which one of you sweeties wanna get your whole nail pluck off (that will prolly take months to grow) and parts of your toe operated on?
Was so blur today. Gary conveniently asked me to help him buy 'lor mai kai' because i was already in the queue. Guess what? i bought a 'Siew mai' instead. So he came to me and said " so wheres my lor mai kai? ( guess he smells something wrong because he didnt see his lor mai kai on my hand) i confidently said " neh, ( giving him the siew mai ) here la!" He: "huh Eileen poh?! i said lor mai kai leh..." okay i admit at that point of time i was so blurred and superrr
Wait! another one hehehe.
Went to buy drinks with eugenia and wanzhuang so i was like standing there helping eugenia taking her wallet. Aftermath, i naturally passed eugenia's guess wallet to wanzhuang and said " wanzhuang take your wallet leh" ( i bought eugenia that wallet people, so i wouldnt be so dumb right?) Everyone was like laughing at me. *bangs my head*
Conclusion: my blood ain't flowing in a correct direction therefore my brain is
malfunctioning. Okay i think i should stop here before the feverish body of mine gets
徘了徊了走了 错了过了等了 累了全都困了 烦的乱的冷的 都是真的

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