Saturday, July 05, 2008

Out with limin today
Dear readers, I've taken 1845294562069 peektures of
myself today! weeheee ** If you're not afraid of vomitting,
by all means come back for the post alright! Laughs.
Obviously the day didn't start of well for me ...
was actually anticipating to collect the shu uemura items
i've ordered. But my dear colleague didn't bring the things
with her.. so ended up in Tampines mall (like again =,=)
But but but, life in tm won't be bored as long as there
are movies! Caught Get smart - An extremely nice
show and its totally hilarious. Awesomeeeeeeeee!
Ratings 4.5/5 stars. 0.5 deducted. The show caused
my butt to ache because it's 2 hours my dears (:
Limin and me was like laughing our ass of our seats.
Yayness, i'm going East Coast with my friends tmr.
been ages since i last cycled!
No worries, peektures sure flooding in!
I'm waking up from this damm thing.
ps: can i scold finally start hurling vulgarities now?
________________ <-- insert anything you like.

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