Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Peektures Part 1 . More to come

Helllo dear readers, Eileen kept her promise and blogged
today! Anyw, the muffins were baked by momma, cousins
and me. Had a great time and the muffins tasted awesomeeee!
*Chomps* oh wait wait... we baked super nice shepherd
pies too. Just too bad, not quick enough to snap peekos of it!
Weeting & maggie.
Laughs! sorry uh... only managed to post 2 up. You know why?
The lousy LG KS20 hanged on me. Darn....
So which means, i'll post them up hopefully on the next post.
Relax! let me explain why is it hopefully dear readers...
1. Went to superband with Baby and randy ytd
obviously we cam-whored again.. so theres like many
photos lying redundantly in my peekos folders.
so i'll be posting super random peektures k! do bear with me!
Your understanding is very much appreciated and love you ppl
many! * A 1000 of hugs and kisses* k you know what?
this blue sucks!
Didnt mean to spoil my post with that bloody/clotty/
Menses-look-alike picture lor! but i have to let you guys
see how nauseating my nosebleeds would be.
i've totally forgotten about a piece of good news to share.
Hehehehe anyw, I had my Chinese oral on monday and
i was the first. It turned out really easy for me lah!
It took me less than 3 mins to exhaust the conversation
topic. Moreover, the passage was super-uper easypeasy.
Wondrously i didn't feel skittish at all while speaking lor!
wooooohoooooooo *triple claps for Eileen*
ps: ahah in case you don't know, i scored 38/50
for my mid year chinese oral.
I'll be starting the maths tuition tomorrow at bedok
reservoir from 8pm-10pm.
I must be consistent! therefore, i'm so gonna
study now and get the homeworks done.
Bye readers! i'll blog again.

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