Saturday, July 26, 2008

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So as i was saying.... life will always be full of ups and downs.
Feeling disappointment, dejected, forlorn, helpless etc
are what we're bound to experience with.
But life still goes on no matter how sad we are,
how hard we're gonna cry or even how exuberant
we are for that moment. I've learnt things the hard
way. Even if you're going to cry for the 365 days in
a year, nothing changes. It's still the same... you
still have to lead your life am i right? So why not live
your life happily and heartily when you have a choice?
Interested to know how Eileen overcome her problems
like heartbreaks and more? Read!
I've just broke up with my girlfriend/boyfriend! I feel like
dying! help me please!!!
Advices from me:
1. keep yourself super occupied
It's up to you to believe... this method is physically
proven by me! you'll realise that time passes if
you're not caring or probing about it.
2. Go out with your friends during weekends.
During weekends because students like us have to
go to school and do all our homeworks!
(this doesnt apply to the other tertiary students)
that's what i did. time flies when you friends
are by your side supporting and comforting you!
3. Talk to your mom, i'm sure she'll understand.
yeah, don't hesitate. i did tell my mom about it.
well, suprisingly she comforted me and gives me
a different feeling.
4. Study!
Love this the most. It numbs me from the surrounding
at least, for the moment. you'll realise that
you're so engrossed with the music and the books
that you won't even think about it!
That's all! therefore, i wanna take this chance to thank
a few of my friends. Eugenia, Jolene, Wanzhuang,
Limin, Xinci, Manteng, Randolph, Ivy
Weeting, Maggie, Jiaqi, Ivory, Xuanhui,
Zilah, Xinhui, Justin, Yuxiang (*roars* many more la!)
Thanks for cheering me in times of needs. <3
To Cleo:
Hello! firstly, i don't really uses the concealer.
I'll come to that later. Anyw, i'll use shu uemura's
UV underbase (biore's face milk does wonders too!)
then i'll apply mabelline's moose/cream foundation
on the place needed and treats it like a concealer.
thereafter, i'll apply loose powder (either chanel, shu uemura's
or face shop ones because i've got quite a few shades.)
last but not least, compact powder is up to your
preference. For me, i'll use either the chanel or
the shiseido one.
If you want to have flawless makeup the most
important-gaga-tip must have is to....
Clean your makeups properly, drink more water
and apply all the products needed!
hope this helps :D

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