Monday, July 07, 2008

Nosebleeds and me me me.

If you're really so concerned, do click on the peekure
of he tissue paper so you'll be able to see the clots! i know
it's very unsightly but hehehehe.. So Eileen posted up many
photos of herself to let her dear readers forget about the
bloody peekture *laughs*
Anyw, yesterday's outing was cancelled cause guanrong
was having fever and wardah can't go... ended up
going raffles city and suntec with Jolenedear.
Had fun laughing and joking around with her! <3
Compo not written....
Poa homework not done....
Wed have poa test....
Still have to go for co practices....
Feel like dying.... i can't catch up with any poa concepts
*cries* someone please help me with poa.
I need someone to help me with all my subjects..
someone to motivate me....
Anyway readers, gonna post in chinese for the upcoming one
cause chinese oral is coming soon do bear with that
one and only post. LOVE SOON!

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